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Removing the Stigma.

Promoting Positivity.

Empowering Youth to Overcome.


On February 21, 2008 – son, my beloved little angel – you made your grand entrance into the world, weighing a healthy 8 pounds 2.3 ounces, and stretching a long 21 inches.

I snuggled your tiny body against my chest, softly kissing the top of your silky long hair that rested on your forehead. I was excited and impatient to watch you blossom into an articulate, kind, smart, funny, and talented little person. And, as the years flew by, I cherished watching you grow and I loved what you loved most – being a kid. You'd dress up in colorful costumes, sing with the brightest of smiles, play football, soccer, and basketball. But, most of all, you loved making friends and laughing.

You made Mommy SO proud, always making the Honor Roll with good grades. It was a privilege to be your Mom. I always found myself in awe of how smart and kind you were – truly my perfect Angel.

On January 26, 2017, my beautiful son, the light of my life, took his innocent life after being constantly bullied at school. 

He was only 8 years old.


Gabriel B. Taye

Having lost my son, my only child, my world is forever changed. I make a promise every day to be my son’s voice and the voice of every child who is being bullied.

I started this foundation to advocate for every child or teen who has or is suffering, as a result of bullying. This issue is an atrocious epidemic, affecting too many of our children.
The solution starts with us. We can make a positive impact on suffering children, by working together, and positively change the lives of children affected by bullying. Let’s work together to save their lives.
My name is Cornelia Daniels, and this is my  MISSION.


Our Mission

The Mission of the Gabriel B. Taye Foundation is to maximize the impact of removing the stigma and empowering youth in all settings. Our Foundation will advocate and raise awareness for every child or teen who has or is suffering as a result of bullying. We can all make a positive impact by living out Gabriel's legacy and working together to create positive change in the lives of children and teens dealing with adversity that leads to bullying behavior, depression, victimization, and suicide. 

Will you be the Light?

Take the Upstander Pledge below


I Pledge to Stop Bullying:

"I promise NOT to be a Bystander."

"I promise NOT to be a Bully."

"I promise to ALWAYS be Kind."

"I promise to ALWAYS be a Friend."

By signing your name you are pledging to stop all forms of bullying that you may witness.

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